1. Q.What is LIMS?

  2. A. LIMS stands for the Legal Interpreters Member Section.

  1. Q.What is the goal and mission of LIMS?

  2. A. The purpose of this Legal Interpreters Member Section (LIMS) is to provide a forum for all interpreters, both deaf and hearing, who interpret in legal and court settings – to collaborate, network, discuss topics relevant to this specialty, and to provide recommendations and input to RID regarding this field of specialized interpreting.

  1. Q.Who can join LIMS?

  2. A. Anyone that is an RID member can join LIMS.

  1. Q.Is LIMS limited only to interpreters that possess the SC: L?

  2. A. No.  LIMS is open to all interpreters that are interested in legal and court interpreting.  You do not have to have the SC: L to join LIMS.

  1. Q.Is LIMS limited to only hearing interpreters?

  2. A. No. LIMS is open to all interpreters whether they be hearing, deaf, or hard-of-hearing.

  1. Q.How can I join LIMS?

  2. A. You can go online to and then log in to your account.  Then click on ‘my profile’ and scroll down to the bottom of the screen that shows a box listing various member sections.  Use the box scroll bar to find the Legal Interpreters Member Section and click to join.

  1. Q.Do I have to pay anything to join LIMS?

  2. A. No.  To join LIMS is completely free.

  1. Q.Does LIMS have a webpage?

  2. A. Yes.  You can find resources for legal interpreters at

  1. Q.Is there a LIMS discussion group online?

  2. A. Yes. There is a professional online discussion group for members of LIMS.  It is a Yahoo group that is completely moderated.  You can find the link to sign up for the discussion group at 

  1. Q.How many members are currently signed up with the LIMS?

  2. A. As of June 30, 2012, we are currently 442 members and growing.